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Natural Cures – The Benefits of Olive Oil

People often think of oil as something they must completely avoid. Oil can actually be very good for your body.

In fact, olive oil for one offers so many benefits. As with the foods you eat, there are those that are becoming increasingly concerned about the chemicals they use on their bodies.

It’s happened in the past. People advertise something to be very helpful, but later studies prove that this can actually be detrimental to your health.

It’s a scary thought, and it’s something you would want to avoid. That is why people are now opting for products that are pure, natural, and organic.

Whether it’s something they ingest or they put on their skin, there’s nothing better than what has come from Mother Nature herself. One such product is olive oil. When you realize its benefits, it will be a must-have in every home.

When it comes to natural, not only are these products much better for you, they’re also better for the planet. Because it doesn’t require too many processes the way chemicals do, they can actually be cheaper.

The manufacturing of chemicals has had a negative impact on the environment. Plus, they can be extremely expensive. Some age-defying products come at such a high price that it is already ridiculous.

If you looked around, you will find that there are actually cheaper and more natural products that can do the same job.

Olive oil for instance, has been around for ages and has been used for cooking, healing, and beautifying. The Greeks have been very dependent on this product.

Science shows that they have actually made the right choice in being very dependent with olive oil. Science has proven that it reaps a world of benefits.

The oil can actually lengthen your life because of its anti-aging and antioxidant properties. If you looked at people from the Greek Island of Crete, you will notice that they live longer lives because oil is a big part of their diets.

Olive oil is reputed to be the elixir of life. The thing is, people just assume that the oil can just be taken internally. Of course, that is not what it is just for. Olive oil can also be used externally.

If you looked at a number of organic based medicines and beauty products, you will see that a number of them actually use such oil in their ingredients. You now know why Homer, a legendary Greek epic poet, referred to it as liquid gold.

In fact, man has also used olive oil as a healing ointment for centuries now. Lucky for people, it also tastes good and is very beneficial for the heart’s health.

Olive oil contains bountiful amounts of antioxidants such as chlorophyll, carotenoids, vitamin E, and phenols. It actually limits the amount of cholesterol buildup in the arteries. Several researchers suggest that two tablespoons per day can be very good for everyone.

When considering adding this to your diet, the extra virgin olive oil can be most beneficial. It may be slightly pricier, but the added cost is worth the benefits you reap.

In any household, it is essential that you keep a bottle of olive oil around. It protects you heart from bad cholesterol, thus enabling you to feel young longer.

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